Joe Rogan Experience #1567 - Donnell Rawlings & Dave Chappelle

Donnell Rawlings is a stand up comedian, actor, and podcaster. His podcast, The Donnell Rawlings Show, is available on NOlocal and most podcast platforms. Dave Chappelle is a stand up comedian and actor. Look for Chappelle's Show now streaming on Netflix. @Donnell Rawlings


  • Phoenix Rize
    Phoenix RizeMinutt siden

    I'm happy Donnel Rawlings can get himself on this show because charleprick from the breakfast club treats him like shit 🐈

  • lorainefrancesv
    lorainefrancesv3 minutter siden

    that dude at the beginning said the dog was his emotional support, i hope he's joking. he didn't like that support distracting joe from hearing his epic story.

  • First Last
    First Last19 minutter siden

    I love how Dave and Joe are genuinely excited and happy to see one another. 2:20:03

  • John Andersson
    John Andersson19 minutter siden

    Joe Rogan has never seen a little dog as a baby

  • WarBastard
    WarBastard22 minutter siden

    its half 8 on a tuesday morning, but dave chapelle just walked into the jre so ive been forced to light a blunt today gonna be interesting

  • Randy Dutton
    Randy Dutton30 minutter siden

    I'm pretty sure that English is the international flight language. ALL pilots must speak English.

  • anand chowdhury
    anand chowdhury30 minutter siden

    escobar wanted to do something similar for columbia..

  • Tabel Cloth
    Tabel Cloth31 minutt siden

    Joe Rogan learned about the Korean pilot language thing from reading Malcolm Gladwell.

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons32 minutter siden


  • Aaron B
    Aaron B35 minutter siden

    2:34:50 😂 We used to joke we had the recipe for Ice but not the ingredients... No Ice trays.

  • Matej matej
    Matej matej39 minutter siden

    It's impossible to see Biden in a 4 years because he'll be dead hahaha he is demented as fuck and Kamala will make sure he's dead in his first year

    KMPRSSR39 minutter siden

    I like donnell a lot. But he makes every single conversation about skin color. I’m a black male and I find it unnecessary and embarrassing. Everything joe says “that’s not how black people do it” “white people do things like this” it’s cause your white” Why do you have to be a black person sitting across the table from a white man. Why can’t you just be a person sitting across the table from a person. I get it to a degree, for comedic effect. And there are certainly cultural differences that are real. But it’s not a good look I don’t think

  • Hani
    Hani40 minutter siden


  • Hani
    Hani41 minutt siden

    They're right about Koreans tbh

  • Breezy
    Breezy43 minutter siden

    2:36:40 simultaneous cup sip.

  • Austin
    Austin43 minutter siden

    Lmao @ 2:31:50 the scar on the back of Joe's head reminds me of when Darth Vader Is getting his helmet placed on his head in the OG trilogy of SW. No hate to the people with scars on the back of their heads 😆

  • Nafees Chowdhury
    Nafees Chowdhury44 minutter siden


  • Mike Edwards
    Mike Edwards44 minutter siden

    Donnell is a dumb individual. Compared to Joe he talks like a child

  • Anita IceCream
    Anita IceCream47 minutter siden

    The dog WTF.

  • Beniculous Entertainment
    Beniculous Entertainment50 minutter siden

    Holy shit Donnell ruined this podcast. Almost everythin he said was annoying as fuck.

  • Naptural Queen
    Naptural Queen51 minutt siden

    Kamela is not "black"

  • Tanner T
    Tanner T53 minutter siden

    Please Dave come back on my life sucks and I know that a f ew hours would be better if you did

  • Premoe66 Nic Premoe
    Premoe66 Nic Premoe53 minutter siden

    I bet you could compress a Donnell podcast into 1/2 the time simply by telling Donnell to not repeat himself word for word or sentence for sentence.... just saying just saying just saying

  • Draco Venit
    Draco Venit54 minutter siden

    Lol Donnell calling Joe racist while Donnell is busy telling everyone to believe his own stereotypes of African Americans. Love them both though.

  • The Dude
    The Dude56 minutter siden

    HE DID IT !!!

  • Herb Turk
    Herb Turk57 minutter siden

    Has Joe had the word puppy punched out of his head?

  • Melvin Thomas
    Melvin Thomas58 minutter siden


  • Ted Grizzly
    Ted GrizzlyTime siden

    I truly dont understand the Hate for Donnell Rawlings.Keep doing your thing homie Fuck these Haters!

  • Herp All Day
    Herp All DayTime siden

    1:30:24 Bert is not the OG. Shout out Marc Rebillet.

  • Chicken.s00p
    Chicken.s00pTime siden

    Lmfaooo 2:38:26 is my favorite part

  • Chicken.s00p


    58 minutter siden

    2:44:27 nah son 🤣🥲

  • Chicken.s00p


    Time siden

    2:39:19 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bake Master
    Bake MasterTime siden

    All the people butt hurt about Donell like his name isn't in the title lol. (S/N: Cook my steak well done son)

  • Zin Tielk
    Zin TielkTime siden

    Dave comes in at 2:20:00

  • D G
    D GTime siden

    Platypus and kangaroo

    MR. OBVIOUSTime siden

    the voter fraud was massive

  • Tutu Delvilo
    Tutu DelviloTime siden

    Donnell is a clown

  • Pukar D Karki
    Pukar D KarkiTime siden

    every time I hear Dave, I go into a state of constant expectation, "what is this man gonna say next?" and even when it's a normal chat between friends it's pleasing and interesting to hear how he reacts to normal people, not a crowd or an interviewer.

  • Veeshall Kumballi
    Veeshall KumballiTime siden

    Donnell might be the second most disrespectful guest on here, man had his phone one, wouldn't stop interrupting and ate into the goddamn mic like c'mon dog

  • Louie Boone
    Louie BooneTime siden

    Next time Dave alone please

  • Chris Ohio
    Chris OhioTime siden

    Bow hunting is the way to go, hunting with a rifle takes the sport out of it for me

  • Dakota John
    Dakota JohnTime siden

    Joe Rogan is the podcast goat

  • Jonty Rosenow
    Jonty RosenowTime siden

    2:52:31 Joe aint sayin shit about Joe Biden here lmao wonder why

  • Aztecka muerte
    Aztecka muerteTime siden

    Finally a podcast with people who are familiar to me lol

  • Kevin Dunbar
    Kevin DunbarTime siden

    Dave did the wrong joes podcast tbh. Him & budden would have been entertaining. Unless Rogan has interesting guest this shit boring.

  • Hannibal Bateman
    Hannibal BatemanTime siden

    3:11:36 Joe pitches a premise for a new episode of Black Mirror.

  • Blaze C
    Blaze CTime siden

    Thanks for inviting Donnell on the show. Never do it again.

  • Anthony M
    Anthony MTime siden

    Forward 2hrs 19min to watch Dave Chapelle walk in late The other guys farted and kept Dave’s seat warm for 2 hours

  • TheZietgiest
    TheZietgiestTime siden

    Only first 2 hours and 20 mins is worth a watch, everything else booty

  • AXG 312
    AXG 312Time siden

    Dave Chapelle should become a regular.

  • Premoe66 Nic Premoe
    Premoe66 Nic PremoeTime siden

    Plot Twist.... Donnell was actually bitten by his puppy. He was walking him down the street to take a shit after smoking a big fatty and eating a bowl of food. Then when he attempted to let the dog off the leash, the dog was jealous that Donnell ate pizza while he ate shitty dog food. AND BOOM! PUPPY TEETH TO THE THUMB!

  • bssni touir

    bssni touir

    Time siden

    "Is he black.. Joe thts important to me.." Cant no white man say half the shit this guys sayin without being called racist this dude pisses me off

  • Joshua Conley
    Joshua ConleyTime siden

    DAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEE! Its about time thank you very much joe!!!!! And fingers lol

  • bssni touir

    bssni touir

    Time siden

    Really amazing

  • MyHerpes Itch
    MyHerpes ItchTime siden


  • Nathan Gray
    Nathan GrayTime siden

    Joe Rogan the GOAT of all podcasts!! 👑

  • BlaXicanKillsIT
    BlaXicanKillsITTime siden

    Damn, the disrespect

  • Tony Watts
    Tony WattsTime siden

    With the whole "I got shot" business, It's obvious he didn't get shot. I think Donnell was just trying to be funny because he is a comedian. But I think his talent is best suited with prepared written material. I don't think he's as swift and quick on his feet as he may think he is. Going off the cuff works well with people who naturally are just witty and can riff off the top of their heads. It also depends on who you're joking with as well. To be fair to Donnell, I'm sure to his friends he is the life of the party and they cut up all the time, but when you're talking with someone like Joe who is a very inquisitive and curious person, to say something like "I got shot" is going to pique his curiosity big time and make him interested in the details. That silence before he asks "who shot you" was probably not the response Donnell thought he was gonna get (considering he was talking with a fellow comedian), couldn't think quickly on his feet, and it just created a very awkward start to the show.😂 So, I don't think he was lying. I think he was trying to go somewhere funny with Joe's question and it bombed miserably.😁

  • Vaibhav Sharma
    Vaibhav Sharma2 timer siden

    What is Ganesh doing there?

  • Lorraine Cousin
    Lorraine Cousin2 timer siden

    Somebody tell me who this first dude is and why Joe Rogan did laugh him off the set about the 45 gunshot?

    ROQFAN2 timer siden

    Joe! Joe! JOE! donnell

  • Ethan Letzer
    Ethan Letzer2 timer siden

    Leon Bridges is the shit!!!! Coming home on Tiny Desk Concert was the best

  • Brian Gallas
    Brian Gallas2 timer siden

    Was hoping Wayne Brady would show up full-gangsta mode next...

  • B
    B2 timer siden

    need to start planning for the future, for the future. - Joe Rogan.

    S. K. RICHARDS2 timer siden

    👍Fun times gents. Thank y'all~Excellent timing for belly laughs!

  • Ryan Mallon
    Ryan Mallon2 timer siden


  • Booglefung Funglebunk
    Booglefung Funglebunk2 timer siden

    Love that Donnell was just like "Joe you keep disrespecting me..."

  • Danielle Rogers
    Danielle Rogers2 timer siden

    The leeeaanest burger in the world could be the meaannest burger in the world if you cook it that wayayay

  • dog shyt
    dog shyt2 timer siden

    "Is he black.. Joe thts important to me.." Cant no white man say half the shit this guys sayin without being called racist this dude pisses me off

  • Tanner Graham
    Tanner Graham2 timer siden

    Dave - Read about Jesus, seemed to be a really good guy. They killed him ! Lol Donnell- joe doesn’t believe I got shot

  • Zachary Holguin
    Zachary Holguin2 timer siden

    Donnel "white people" Rawlings

  • Some guy
    Some guy2 timer siden

    Dotty is hungry

  • SOSintheseLastdayZ
    SOSintheseLastdayZ2 timer siden

    No I didn't Yes you did Ya that's true

  • sakima tilasik
    sakima tilasik2 timer siden

    Love the conversation about Korean culture - interesting to hear.

  • Jimmy Greff
    Jimmy Greff2 timer siden

    I used to look up to Joe Rogan. But the way the new studio looks, I realize he is just as much a moron as I am.

  • L. S.
    L. S.2 timer siden

    The truth about election fraud can be found on Newsmaxtv.

  • Christopher Conicella
    Christopher Conicella2 timer siden

    People weren’t nicer AT ALL since this pandemic began! Fuckers raiding grocery stores of all the tp, baby wipes, baby food etc!!! They were all about themselves, until they see someone without a mask! Then it was immediate virtue signaling!🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Woo
    Woo2 timer siden

    Only been waiting 5+ years for Dave! Finally :D

  • Woo


    2 timer siden

    Shame it was only an hour lol

  • ariimoana cotter
    ariimoana cotter2 timer siden

    damn they all got the same haircut

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia2 timer siden

    Everyone hating but they both funny as shit 😂I'm tripping acid and Im getting super good vibes from both dudes

  • Zackary
    Zackary2 timer siden

    Dumb ppl are usually the loudest

  • Ohh
    Ohh2 timer siden

    2:20:30 Dave Chappell

  • Brandon Rose
    Brandon Rose2 timer siden

    Sorry but bro did not get shot in the thumb

  • Zackary
    Zackary2 timer siden

    Donnell seems like an ok guy but is ANNOYING ASF... If he wasn't so insecure he wouldn't assert himself as much or demand attention. Therefore he'd regain the ability to listen and be active participant in flow of conversation. Just my opinion.

  • Johniepee
    Johniepee2 timer siden

    Best quote of the whole ep: Donnell: “I DON’T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MY SALMONS.” 2:57:59

  • dekx räikkönen
    dekx räikkönen2 timer siden

    Please; I just want a 3 hr. conversation with Dave, please Joe Rogan, make it happen. And go watch Insomnia, It's embarrassing you haven't watch it.

  • Herb Turk
    Herb Turk2 timer siden

    Over/Under on Donnell saying "son" 285...

  • Cyrus Fassihi
    Cyrus Fassihi2 timer siden


  • Nate Woods
    Nate Woods2 timer siden

    Donnell, We still love you, Joe clearly don't though, Spend your time somewhere where they respect you brother.

  • Nomamee
    Nomamee2 timer siden

    Ashy Larry fell off 🤦‍♂️

  • Gunnar Holbrook
    Gunnar Holbrook2 timer siden

    Listening to donnell try to act like he’s well read on things he clearly knows nothing about. Listening to him makes me lose brain cells

  • April Duke
    April Duke2 timer siden


  • De Cil
    De Cil3 timer siden

    Uh Oh! Joe JOE FLAG OUT SAID IT! It’s the HIDDEN agenda with the demoncat’s! Human-Being, people control!! That’s scary cause we already kill unborn babies that have a pulse and a microscopic version of everything else. But don’t worry to much cause there’s thin skinned soybean boys (Demoncats) out there who got self driving half UFO CARS their driving around cause their rock off America and can’t nobody tell them shit damn near all over the world cause THEIR RICH AMERICANS. The same people who their fighting against, with and for.

  • Johniepee
    Johniepee3 timer siden

    We get it. Everyone is Donnell’s son. & No one believes he got shot.

  • Johniepee
    Johniepee3 timer siden

    Yards, feet, miles, inches. Dear America please change to the metric system. It’s soo easy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sprinklesandsugar
    Sprinklesandsugar3 timer siden

    You know what women say about men in Alaska...? “ The odds are good but the goods are odd” 😉

  • Kered
    Kered3 timer siden

    Dave Chappelle best comedian of all time👌🏿 Inspiration.

  • Pil Chun
    Pil Chun3 timer siden

    Man Don is obnoxious as hell

  • jaayeee24
    jaayeee243 timer siden

    Joe, I need you to find and interview Joc Sic Chang. His life sounds extraordinary.

  • Paul Anthony
    Paul Anthony3 timer siden

    there's a lot of fuckery in this election. i hope everyone gets what the deserve in the next 4 yrs. RIP America. Stand Strong

  • Ilovelexi1 T

    Ilovelexi1 T

    Time siden


  • TheRunningFix
    TheRunningFix3 timer siden

    Dave tries to show joe how not be a corporate pawn

  • Johniepee
    Johniepee3 timer siden

    This ep got 1000% better as soon as Dave rocked up 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • De Cil
    De Cil3 timer siden

    I was out today and don’t wear a mask, ever! So I must be responsible for a few deaths if not in my own city or county or state still I should be responsible for a couple deaths somewhere. Even tho I’m not sick,! Or know nebody who’s been sick and yes people who are old and battling or young and have been battling but that’s normal is it? OR IS 2+2=5? WTF! But that’s the consensus so it must be right

  • Heather Davis
    Heather Davis3 timer siden

    Why is he so pissy? Like every statement is a personal attack. Idk how much weed he’s smoking but I think he definitely needs to start shrooms..... figure out what’s going on in his head. Damn.